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Bound is an art, cognitive empathy game developed for PC in Unity. Bound is an autobiographical artifact that exists to create an impactful experience for its players and encourage them to consider the physical limitations that wearing a binder may impose on the transmasculine community. It does this by recreating the mental and physical stress associated with running in a chest binder through its exploration and rhythm game mechanics.

Bound’s narrative features an adult transgender man who returns home to go running on his middle school’s public track. He has ignored the health and safety warnings on the packaging of his binder and decided to go on that run with it on. Eventually, he has trouble breathing and passes out on the track. This event is situated as a memory that the protagonist is recounting to a healthcare professional.

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Install instructions

Just extract the .zip folder and run the "Bound" application file.


bound_ver_1.14.zip 112 MB

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